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The Way of Life

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason. I am attracted to some people immediately just by being in their presence.  That is how it was with Kathlyn and me.  As soon as I met her,  I […]


Rejection, and the Power of a Moment

Why am I attracted to people who reject me? Why am I attracted to people who reject me? Why do I feel the need to prove myself, and make them see me in a different light?Why does it become so […]


The perfect marriage

The night I met my husband, I had been moving all day and he offered to come over to help me set up my furniture in my new place.  He helped me put the bed together and we got in […]


The saga of the ice cream

 I arrived in London almost a week ago with my 20 year old daughter.  We settled into our 3 story 2 bedroom 2 bath Airbnb in Knightsbridge, London just a short walk from the famous Harrods Department store. We scouted […]


It’s not all bells and whistles

I used to feel like I was that little metal ball in a pinball machine being hit in different directions by outside forces.  I would try and stay in the game and maybe get some points on the board while […]

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I am a warrior

My daughter just turned 20, and I am trying my best to give her good advice and point her in the right direction.  It’s a fine line to walk between letting go and wanting her not to be hurt.  But […]

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words create boundaries

I have a body that everyone can see, it is my physical form.  But then I have boundaries that no one sees but my soul.  My boundary is invisible to everyone but me.  My boundary is there to protect my […]

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In the moment

So, I went to an Old School Throwback Jam concert last night, which was basically an 80’s dance party.  It only took up 1/2 of the concert arena because they couldn’t sell enough tickets to fill the whole place. But […]

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I am ok

I laid on the couch unable to move.  My daughter looked at my sheepishly, and asked quietly. “Are you okay mom?”.  I nodded and went back to binge watching Sex and the City.   Either I didn’t remember many of the […]

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Be still

I was exhausted , hungover, depressed.  But I kept it all inside, and wondered why I felt so bad.  None of the people in my life had asked me to do any of the things I did for them.  I […]

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oh, just be quiet

So, I was supposed to go to a writing retreat at the beach this weekend.  A month ago it sounded really good and interesting and as it got closer I thought of what it would mean to spend Friday through […]

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Being a woman is complicated

Being a woman today is complicated.  But life is complicated.   I think men and women are equally confused as to what is acceptable and proper nowadays.  Some men have been brought up in households that they were taught they […]

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Letting go is not easy

2017 was a transition year   2017 was a transition year.   It was a year of letting go of a long time relationship that wasn’t working anymore.  I spent  many sleepless nights last year going over and over our […]

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I’m not angry

Why should you be reading this? Why should you be reading this? I don’t claim to be a fantastic writer, but I do have something to say.  I want to change the way we talk to each other about women […]