I’m not angry

Why should you be reading this?

Why should you be reading this? I don’t claim to be a fantastic writer, but I do have something to say.  I want to change the way we talk to each other about women and relationships. But before we can change it, we have to become aware of the situations that we accept without thinking about them.  How can we change something that we are not aware of?  That is why we need to reflect, question and rebuild our beliefs.

Men, we need you! Now more than ever!

We all know that a successful business-savvy woman is called a bitch, and the man of equal success is called, well successful.  But what else?   What about that my young feminist daughter said that if Beyonce can’t stop Jay-Z from cheating , all women are doomed. Is it up to the woman to keep her man faithful?  Or is up to the man?  He broke his promise and his commitment to her and his family.  Why is that his wife’s fault? It’s not.  I’m not angry at men, because what does anger solve?  Men, we need you! Now more than ever! We need you to be our friends, our lovers, the father to our children.  Women cannot do it alone, and I don’t believe we want to.

It is time to change!

The challenge to myself and society is to bring awareness to situations and certain language that is accepted in regards to women and relationships. We need to question what is really being said and what is being as accepted as fact, that maybe just isn’t so. We need  to create a new way of talking to each other.  What are some situations that you have wondered, hmmmmm that doesn’t make sense but why  everyone is going along with it?  We don’t have to do that anymore, we can change it.  It is time to change.




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